The True Essence of Nursing

As they say, nursing is not just a profession, it is a mission; not just a means of living, but a means of making others live.

Many people have not yet seen the real value of nursing. For some, it is a simple task of assisting the doctor, attending to the sick people, and making these people feel better. However, not everyone knows that nursing is far beyond a simple job. Nurses do not just make sick people well, but they prolong life.  When doctors are not around to give immediate attention to the patient, nobody else does the job, but the nurse.

With the intense need for health care as well as the growth in the health industry across the globe, the demand for nurses also increases. Thus, nursing has already turned out to become not just an ordinary job, but a calling to address the general health needs of the entire humanity.

Being a nurse, however, is never easy. One needs compassion and dedication in order to end up successful with what is being done. There must be empathy on the needs of other people so that caring for the patients would eventually turn out to be a sincere deed. With the fast growing trend in the world of health and medicine today, there is no doubt that nursing is a combination of knowledge in the medical field as well as right values leading to care for the welfare of others.

In the real world of nursing, there are several areas in which a nurse can be assigned. It can either be in the pediatric, surgical, ICU, ER, and the like. The assignment of nurses on these various fields actually depends on their skills and abilities. There are certain standards which are being followed in order to determine their assignment. Evaluations are also done in order to find out whether one has performed well with the assignment entrusted upon them.

However, aside from being in the hospital, nurses can also be assigned somewhere else. There are school nurses and even nurses assigned in remote areas to do health missions. There are also those who are assigned to assist doctors in clinics as well as in the battlefield to aid military men in action. In short, as a nurse, one has to expect several areas of assignment in their call of duty.

Indeed, being a nurse is never easy. Getting the license and having a job as a nurse is never enough to become competent in this field. One has to learn how to further knowledge and skills as time changes. There must also be consistency when it comes to values being imbibed so that even if several years would gone by, the same level of care and concern would be given to patients.

In the end, it must always be remembered that the essence of being a nurse does not just depend on the number of patients healed, but on the level of care these patients got in times where they needed it the most. Nurses do not just prolong life, they give life!

Elliott L. Beck is a writer for Uniformhaven which offers landau scrubs and landau uniforms as well as a large variety of other items.